About Athena

Technology and Intelligence – Experts from Every Angle

For over a decade, Athena has been developing and delivering intelligence and investigation solutions. Bringing together the knowhow of top analysts and technologists with the vast experience of intelligence and data mining experts from the security and intelligence sectors, we have created a product line that is based on the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge in the field.

Developed by Experts

We know the power of information in predicting and preventing crime and terror incidents. We’ve been there, so you can believe us when we say we understand the issues you face. Our extensive, practical field experience provides us with a deep understanding of the nature, constraints and implications of intelligence work; an understanding that we have applied to the development of our innovative collection, analysis and investigation solutions. We also have a particular niche specialization in HLS investigations, unparalleled by others in this market.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our aim is not to replace human intelligence, but to enhance it. We empower analysts and investigators through tools that allow them to dig deeper and uncover previously inaccessible data from a wider range of sources, to achieve fast, reliable and insightful results.

Our Bigger Picture

As part of MER Group, Athena leverages the group's global spread, vast network of contacts and decades of knowledge and experience in the development and distribution of its products. These products have been successfully implemented in major organizations around the world including tax authorities, intelligence agencies and fraud investigation institutes.